Hard Floors

hard floors

We offer low Ph. stripping methods and even chemical free stripping which eliminates smells and does not require the closing of floor areas for long periods.

We are delighted to have been appointed one of the specialist contractors for Bonasystem range on the island of Ireland. We provide comprehensive tile cleaning for the following areas

  • Swimming pool decks and changing rooms the removal of lime scale and calcium deposits also the removal of chemical build from poll water.
  • We can also apply the same treatments to changing rooms shower rooms with the elimination of soaps and body fat build up on walls and floors.
  • Anti-slip treatments
  • We are specialist applicators of Bonasystem slip prevention treatments a non-chemical method which will not damage or change the appearance of your floors. We can also quantify the results both before and after the application Bonasystem procedures with a full slip surveys (pendulum Method) .
  • We also provide slip prevention consultancy and assessment for your floors for kitchens, lobby’s, washrooms, shopping centres and any tiled floor